We specialise in antique clock dial repairs

Broad range

I work across a broad range of repairs. The repairs vary depending on the type of clock, the age of the clock, the make etc. From case repairs, to dial repairs, I can undertake all repair work necessary to restore your antique clock.

If you’d like to discuss the repair or restoration of your antique clock call:

Painted dials

I have access to specialist craftsmen who specialise in the restoration of painted clock dials. The clock dial will be restored to near its original state.

I specialise in:

  • Gilding and silver plating
  • Painted dial restoration
  • Dial re-silvering
  • Wheel cutting

House calls

I am happy to make house calls to view potential jobs in-situ as this will often give a clearer overall picture to the task in question. If you’d like me to pay you and your clock a house call pleasecontact me.





Antique clock dial repairs and restoration in North Kent.